Raw Hair Origin

Raw Hair Origin Breakdown 

The exact origin of the raw hair will be stated in the description. Additionally, you may be able to choose the type of raw hair you would like to be used to create your wig

Virgin Hair

  • This is our top virgin hair
  • As an excellent hair option, it is more affordable than raw Indian or SE Asian while still maintaining excellent quality that exceeds that of your standard virgin hair.
  • Additionally, it is an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality virgin hair at a reasonable price.
  • These bundles can last up to three ( Way more than other wig brands)  depending on how well it is maintained.
  • Luxurious feel and finish. 

South East Asian:

  • Our SE Asian hair is a premium and authentic hair extension option sourced directly from SE Asia. 
  • It is unprocessed and free of chemicals, retaining its natural shine and softness.
  • Perfect for those looking to elevate their hair styling game and experience luxury
  • Additionally, it is an excellent choice for those seeking to stay in between due to pricing. 
  •  These bundles can last for four or more years, depending on how well it is maintained.
  • Long lasting curls with luxurious feel
  Raw Indian
  • Our Raw Indian Hair is a premium hair extension product that offers the beauty and authenticity of Indian hair. 
  • Sourced directly from India, it is known for its exceptional quality, versatility, and natural appearance. 
  • This unprocessed and chemical-free hair can be styled, dyed, and treated to suit your preferences, while maintaining its shine and durability. 
  • With a seamless blend and long-lasting results, our Raw Indian Hair allows you to enhance your hairstyle with confidence and grace. 
  • Experience the luxury of Indian hair and embrace a new level of beauty and elegance.
  • Long lasting curls with a luxurious feel.
  • Blends seamlessly with your natural hair
  • Hair can be straightened and will revert back to its original natural curly state. 
  • Coarse and thick. Each bundle is from one donor,